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Young Adults

The IOCDF is pleased to announce that the 21st Annual Conference will have the second year of a track devoted only to young adults. We know that this time of life has its own special challenges and unique opportunities, and we are excited to bring together young adults with OCD to address these issues as a safe, inviting community. This track is intended especially for older teens and adults under 30 with OCD, who may be navigating college, first jobs, living on your own, dating, and other similar issues.

Young adults need our professional help the most because they just don’t have enough life experience to deal with this type of disorder. Some people cannot live a normal life because of their OCD, finding jobs or even making new friends can be complicated with a disorder like this. With our professional help, we hope that these young adults can have a second chance to live a normal life just like anyone else. If you haven’t been affected by OCD in your life, then you simply cannot understand the daily struggle some of these young adults have. Our experts are ready to share some inspiring stories and provide group treatments to everyone who comes to this conference.

You don’t need to be scared of this event because you will be surrounded by people who have or had the same issue at some point in their life. These people will understand you completely and that is something that you cannot get anywhepencilsre else. Having a social life with OCD is not really that easy because people don’t really understand what you are going through, that’s why these group therapies are so good for you. People with OCD get to learn from other people who are having same or similar issues.

The Young Adults track will span across 2-days of the 3-day conference and will include panels about a variety of topics, such as education, social life, and careers. The day will conclude with a special support group just for young adults. There will also be opportunities to meet other young adults at evening activities such as the popular OCD Pub Trivia ice-breaker event.

Please check back in March/April 2014 for details about program offerings for young adults at the 21st Annual OCD Conference in Los Angeles in 2014.